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Local Clerks Scramble To Keep Up Voter ID Changes


Two groups are asking a federal appeals court to reconsider its decision to let Wisconsin require voters to show photo I-D's at the polls on November fourth.

 The Advancement Project and the American Civil Liberties' Union were among those opposing the I-D law in lower courts.  A spokeswoman for the Advancement Project tells the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel it's asking the entire 10-member federal appellate court in Chicago to shut down the law again -- at least until the courts can rule on whether it's constitutional.

Locally, county and town clerks are scrambling----again----to keep ahead of the changing laws.

Oneida County Clerk Mary Bartelt says the best form of ID at the polls is a Wisconsin driver's license, either current, expired or revoked. All the necessary information is on the license. But it brings up the question about people who don't have driver's licenses, especially people in residential facilities....

"....(many)of these people don't have birth certificates anymore. I got this from the Government Accountability Board...anyone who does not have a birth certificate can go to the Department of Transportation and get a free Wisconsin ID with their photo on it and they can use that...."

Opponents of Voter ID say it impedes legal citizens, like nursing home residents, from easily exercising their rights. Others say this is double registration for legal citizens which might be unconstitutional. Proponents of Voter ID say will cut down on fraud.