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Gov. Walker Tells Students About Dual Enrollment Option

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Governor Scott Walker stopped in Eagle River Thursday to highlight a portion of this weeks State of the State address.

During the address, Walker said they would be putting an additional $3 million toward allowing students a way to go from school to job in a shorter period of time in some job categories.

Speaking at Northland Pines schools, Walker said they're shifting grant money toward what is called 'dual enrollment', where high school students can get credit toward college degrees at schools like Nicolet College....

".....you got people here who help teach who are connected to Nicolet(College) who help you understand things that help you prepare to graduate from high school but also prepare you to get credit at a technical college there as well...."

He says the effort also will be to increase apprenticeships with private business partners. Walker says the administration is working with U-W officials so students can get a full Bachelor's degree in three years instead of four as a means of cutting costs to students. The students would be able to have college credit earned while still in high school....

".....there are some areas where we can get an undergraduate degree at the University of Wisconsin down to three years. If you take classes in high school you can avoid that one more year of school, that is a whole lot of money you can save as you save up for college..."

Walker said partnerships within the technical colleges, such those in place with Nicolet College, were examples of how the U-W system could help students get degrees sooner. Walker also said he's putting more money into high-speed internet in rural areas to make it easier for people to locate businesses here.

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