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Lakeland Unveils New Visitor Check-In System


A new computerized identification system called Raptor will soon be keeping a sharp eye on the comings and goings of visitors during school hours at Lakeland Union High School.

The Raptor Visitor Management System is replacing the old paper-based sign-in sheet, according to District Administrator/Principal Jim Bouche.

“We need the community to know that when they come in here they are not just going to get the orange badge anymore. They are actually going to get a lanyard with their picture on it and their destination and the time they come into it.”

Using a driver’s license or other state-issued ID, the Raptor system scans the visitor’s name, date of birth and photo and also compares the information with the national database of registered sex offenders.

The system won’t be officially rolled out for a week or so, Bouché said.

He wants to make sure the community is fully aware of the new procedure.

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