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Voter ID Decision Won't Be In Effect Aug. 9


It won't start until November, as  a U.S. District judge ruled this week voters without standard ID will be able to cast ballots, but they have to swear at the polling place they are who they are.

Judge Lynn Adelman says Wisconsin's current Voter ID law doesn't allow voters with challenges getting ID's to cast a ballot, and dropped a portion of Wisconsin's law.

Jane Trotter from the League of Women Voters of the Northwoods says voters without ID's will be able to cast a ballot...

"....if a person is unable to get a valid voter ID any other way, when they get to the polling place they can fill out an affidavit that says under the penalty of perjury that 'I am who I say I am'..."

Trotter says Judge Adelman's ruling admitted it was too short a time to get the affidavits ready for the August 9 primary election, but he said they should be ready to be at the polls in November. Trotter says it is a good time for anyone wishing to vote to go online and check their status... 

"....the LWV would urge everyone before the August 9 polling to go to the 'myvote.wi.gov' website. You put in your name and birthdate and it helps to determine if you're still registered and where your polling place is...."

The voter ID law went into place in 2011. The ruling will be in effect for the first time on November 8.

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