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Storms Continue and Emergency Govt. Says Be Prepared

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More strong thunderstorms are forecast through Thursday and a local emergency government spokesperson says the theme is 'be prepared'.

Oneida County Emergency Management spokesperson Dawn Robinson says you need to think about what you're going to do in a storm emergency long before the storm is at your doorstep...

"...when a watch is issued, that is when you should be already looking at your plans, knowing what to do, if you need to move stuff to your shelter area. Check on your pets, check on family members,.check on your neighbors. Once a watch is issued, that heightens the alert that you should be done what you should be doing to keep you and your family safe. When a warning comes, adhere to what officials are telling you. If you are told to seek shelter, seek shelter....."

Robinson says you should have a full-battery weather radio so you can get the latest information from the National Weather Service when you seek shelter....

"...keep an eye to the skies, make sure you have your radio tuned to local radio stations so you can listen to what is going on around you. Keep informed and make sure that you keep your family safe. Preparedness is key to saving lives...."

A 46-year-old man was killed and more than 25 people were injured in a trailer park during one of at least four tornados at Chetek Tuesday.

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