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Buses Return To Northwoods Roads After Funding Shortfall Ends

Northwoods Transit Connection

The green and white buses are being seen around the Northwoods more after a cash flow problem slowed transportation services for Northwoods Transit Connections. The service runs regular routes in Oneida and Vilas counties and their larger communities .

Transit Manager Jim Altenburg says they've received a much delayed check from the federal government through the state came through....

"....we got our check from the state that was a partial payment for first and second quarter with our third-quarter payment coming next month. We're fine until the end of the year. But to stay in budget we'll stay in the reduced running mode. That means instead of doing 5,200 rides a month. We're doing 4,200 a month. Still a lot of volume. In the old days of the Department on Aging, they did 6,000 rides in a year...."

Altenburg says they were very busy this summer....

"....it's very important that we continue to serve our public to the best of our ability. Then once we get through the first of the year, we will ramp up service and keep it on a steady track. This summer we had six and seven buses a day the volume got so high. We might go with three or four buses a day and just be more consistent and efficient...."

Northwoods Transit Connections is a service of Oneida and Vilas County's Transit Commission. Their website is northwoodstransit.org. (715-420-0585).

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