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State Agencies Say Be Aware Of More ATV's On Roads


Two state agencies are asking motorists to be aware of more ATV-UTV's on the roadways this summer.

The Departments of Transportation and Natural Resources say legislative changes allowing more ATV's on roads were passsed in the last legislative session. DNR ATV administrator Gary Eddy says in some parts of the state ATV's on roadways are already fairly common, but with the new laws, some portions of the state will be seeing ATV's on roads, possibly for the first time. Eddy says motorists need to slow down and be patient before passing the slower-moving ATV's and be sure to take a wide enough berth.

He says watch for more signs regarding ATV's. He says drivers should watch for ATV's entering the roads...

"....they maybe exiting and entering public roadways from trail systems that are adjacent to the roads, so this may be surprising to some folks. Most ATV's and the larger UTV's with the roll cages and side-by-side seating don't come equipped with turn signals. They're not manufactured with all the road-use equipment on it...."

Eddy says ATV drivers must stay in authorized areas. Most highways and roads statewide remain off limits. He says follow all speed laws and stay as visible as possible. Operators are required to operate headlights on or near roadways. Both agencies on their websites have more information about the new laws and how it affects vehicles and ATV's.

Eddy says there's one tip for both types of vehicles: consuming alcohol or drugs before operation is never a good idea.

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