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DMV Spokesperson Says They're Helping People Get Voter ID's

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Wisconsin's partisan primary election day is August 14.

The Department of Motor Vehicles is reminding voters they can help you get a necessary ID before next month's vote.

Wisconsin DMV administrator Kristina Boardman says the DMV will work with you to get the ID you need to vote...

"...If you have a driver's license, if you have a Wisconsin ID card already you don't need to do anything. If you don't have one of those products, or if you look at the Wisconsin Election Commission's website, and you don't have any forms of ID they list there, then come to the DMV and we will get you the ID that you need to vote...."

Boardman says you don't need to pay for documentation you need as they have a process where they will work with the applicant to get needed information. She says you can bring some documentation to help the process... 

"....Generally, people come in with a birth certificate, we want proof of Wisconsin residency, we need to know their Social Security number, so people come in with that. But if you're not sure about some of those items like your birth certificate, we do have the petition process where you can write down the information and we will work with vital records to verify your information..."

Boardman says anyone with questions about getting ID to vote should call DMV’s Voter ID hotline at (844) 588-1069.

Any questions regarding voter eligibility, poll locations, voter registration information or other election information should be directed to the Wisconsin Elections Commission.

According to the Wisconsin Elections Commission, just over 3 million people are registered to vote. In Oneida county, nearly 30,000 are registered, nearly 15,000 in Vilas county, and 5,100 in Forest county.

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