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Treasurer Candidate Says Office Is Needed As A Watchdog

Godlewski campaign

In 2014, former Rhinelander mayor Jerry Shidell ran on a statewide campaign to be elected state Treasurer on the Libertarian ticket so he could, as his slogan went, "Hire Me, Then Fire Me". Shidell ran on a campaign to eliminate the Treasurer's position.

Backers felt the Constitutional job no longer was needed. But voters earlier this year strongly disagreed with that position, retaining the Treasurer's post, voting almost 2-1 to save it.

Tuesday, Republicans will select between two candiates, Travis Hartwig and Jill Millies, Andrew Zuelke on the Constitution ticket, and three Democrats, Dawn Marie Sass, Cynthia Kaump, and Sarah Godlewski will face off to see who will be the next treasurer.

While campaigning in the state recently, Godlewski says she worked to save the office. She says every other state in the union has a fiscal watchdog.... 

"...This office has the ability to review financial transactions that involve their tax dollars. There is a reason why our founding fathers created this office. It is independently elected and doesn't have a say in how we are taxed. Further it doesn't have involvement in how we are budgeted, or spend that money...."

Godlewski says one of the ways to prevent fraud and abuse in government is to have oversight. The treasurer also oversees trust funds that total more than a billion dollars. She says those funds will continue to be used for economic development and public education. She says the treasurer also has the ability to advocate against corporate abuse.

Godlewski has a career in business and finance, and has worked in the U.S. Department of Defense, and is a co-founder of a socially-responsible investment firm.

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