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Mendez Trial Begins In Rhinelander

Oneida County Sheriff's Department

The trial of a Minocqua man charged with the 1982 homicide of his wife is underway in Rhinelander.

70-year-old Robin Mendez is charged with killing his wife Barbara at a Minocqua financial institution where she worked.

The case had gone cold.The TV show "Cold Justice" was called in by Mendez' daughters to examine the case. After new tests and interviews were done, the Oneida County Sheriff's Department asked District Attorney Michael Schiek to press charges.

Schiek filed charges in February, 2018 and Mendez has remain jailed. Court records indicate the state made an offer to Mendez and he rejected it.

Defense attorney Peter Prusinski...

"..This story evolves around three people...Robin Mendez, Thomas Bose and Raymond Norris, and how this community has ignored, brushed aside or never knew what happened 37 years ago..."

Oneida County District Attorney Michael Schiek....

"...Barbara Mendez was a 33-year-old mother and wife and she was brutally murdered on April 28, 1982..."

Marathon County Judge Jill Falstad is hearing the case. The trial is expected to last most of the month.

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