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Rep. Mursau, Other Legislators Push PFAS Management Zones


Two state Senators and four members of the Assembly have signed onto bills to set up what are called PFAS management zones to more quickly test for the 'forever' chemicals.

Representative Jeff Mursau of Crivitz is a sponsor. He acknowledges other legislators are moving bills about PFAS forward, but he says this effort is aimed to get action right away. He says if PFAS is discovered, using the federal standard, it would begin a testing protocol...

"..From that spot they're going to do a one-mile circle. In that one mile circle they'll do testing. There will be monies available for that. If they have five contaminated spots in that first circle then they draw another circle and do tests in there. The circles keep continuing until we don't have the five positive hits in that circle..."

Mursau says the bill will fund positions in the DNR that work specifically with PFAS and related chemicals. Mursau says it also funds additional resources for PFAS work.

He says people affected by the chemicals will also get help...

"The well compensation fund...those people that do have problems with PFAS, it will be a priority to get funding for that. Something that I think is a really positive goal and to take this forward. I'm just hoping we have enough time this session to get it passed..."

He thinks the bills can get through before the sessions end. The Assembly session is set to end later this month and the Senate in March. Mursau says the bill should get a review in committee this Friday.

Meanwhile, The Wisconsin PFAS Action Council is developing an action plan.

Governor Evers has signed an order directing the DNR to establish the council to coordinate a state multi-agency effort to address PFAS. A plan is to be completed by June 30th.

The Council is holding it's first meeting in Madison next week. There's a link to an online survey about PFAS here.

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