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Rhinelander Applying To Foundation For PFAS Money

Ben Meyer WXPR

The City of Rhinelander is in the preliminary stages of applying for a grant to screen out PFAS water contamination from city water.

Mayor Chris Frederickson reported at the common council meeting Monday they're doing the preliminary work to eventually request a grant from the Rhinelander Community Foundation for a voucher reimbursement program..

"The effect of this is not necessarily a band-aid, but that the issue moves forward that water is something we all need to have and need to have it be safe. So to make that plausible, seeking every avenue we have to do so is our goal..."

Frederickson said they want to move forward as state and federal agencies are in what he called a 'wait and see approach' on the matter. A retired DNR water specialist, Tom Jerow, said he was concerned that everyone have the ability to afford a filter if they want one....

"People who would not be able to afford this, even at a relatively small fee, might be the economically disadvantaged. Of particular concern are pregnant mothers or women of pregnant-bearing age..."

Frederickson said the matter was on the agenda so there was a public record of the discussion to present to the Foundation. Two wells have been turned off after levels of PFAS contamination exceeded federal pollution limits.

The council approved requesting the mayor move forward with asking for a grant, and if successful, to be used as a voucher for residents to filter PFAS from the water.

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