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Film Screening to Focus on Hunger

A film screening next week is putting the spotlight on hunger issues in the Northwoods.  St. Augustine’s Church in Rhinelander is showing A Place at the Table.  Father Dean Einerson says many families deal with uncertainty about getting enough to eat, and A Place at the Table looks at the reasons behind the problem.

“That’s a movie that tries to get at why so many Americans face food insecurity. Last year there were 50 million Americans who didn’t know where the food for their family was gonna come each week.”

Einerson explains the Church holds a monthly community meal called the Table, but the film screening is a chance to consider the bigger picture.

“St Augustine’s has been involved in The Table – we support the food pantry. And too often we don’t ask why. And therefore what can be done to solve the problems rather than just putting band-aids on.”

The film is showing twice on October 9th at Saint Augustine’s Guild Hall.  

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