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Step, Don't Twist: A Lesson in Proper Shoveling Technique

Those of us shoveling a lot of snow these days may have the sore backs to prove it.  Chiropractors say there is a better way.

Back injuries are common this time of year.  Dr. Grace Zuiker of Tomahawk’s Allied Health Chiropractic…says many are due to shoveling techniques that put too much strain on the back.  She says use your whole body to avoid injury. 

“And when you start pushing, lower your stance so you’re down farther, so then you can push into the show, rather than using just your back to push…so use your knees to get lower.”

She says take advantage of the shovel as leverage, and have a wide stance as you pick up the snow.  Then turn your whole body when you throw that snow to the side, so you’re not twisting and tweaking your back. 

That should make it easier to endure the many months of winter shoveling that lie ahead. 

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