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SeniorCare Proposal Could Mean Higher Drug Costs For Some

Democratic lawmakers are speaking out against a proposal that would cut thousands of people from the Senior Care prescription drug coverage program.

Governor Scott Walker’s budget proposal would require everyone enrolled in SeniorCare to instead apply for Medicare Part D. Only those not eligible could stick with Senior Care. 

Democratic State Senator Kathleen Vinehout says switching to Medicare Part D will mean higher costs for constituents. 

“They’ve been on SeniorCare and they’re telling me, if the changes the Governor wants go through the legislature, they’re going to go from paying $30 a year to $60 a month, and they have told me that’s outrageous.”

Currently 85,000 people are enrolled in SeniorCare statewide. 

As Director of the Oneida County Department on Aging Diane Jacobson explains, SeniorCare requires a low annual fee, plus a cost per prescription. 

“So Senior Care has been a wonderful, easy option at $30 a year that folks could choose – especially those folks that aren’t on any or many medications.”

Advocates say enrolling in Medicare Part D will cost the average SeniorCare user an extra 700 dollars a year. 

Governor Scott Walker thinks the move will save the state money, by pushing more people into the federal program. 

Popular pressure killed a similar measure to change SeniorCare in 2011. 

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