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Avian Flu Hitting Wisconsin, Domestic Flocks Affected


A state spokesperson says the current outbreak of Avian flu in Wisconsin is not likely a threat to humans, but it is a threat to domestic poultry. 40 birds in a backyard flock in Juneau county and 126,000 turkeys in a commercial setting have been affected so far.

Raechelle Cline from the Department of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection says the flu is spread from wild birds to domestic birds. She says while it has proven fatal to domestic poultry, it hasn't killed wild birds...

"...anyone who owns a backyard poultry flock or who is a commercial producer of poultry will make sure to practice proper biosecurity to prevent contact between wild birds and their birds..."

The H5 avian influenza virus was first detected in Wisconsin at a commercial chicken flock in Jefferson County on Monday. More than 180,000 egg-laying chickens are likely to be affected.   Multiple outbreaks of avian influenza have occurred most recently in Iowa, Minnesota, Missouri, Arkansas, the Dakotas and Kansas leading to the depopulation of more than 1 million turkeys and chickens since January.

More information is on this website.

(Thanks Wheeler News)

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