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Group Says Insurance Costs For Health Care Could Soar


A U.S. House vote on the GOP plan to replace the Affordable Care Act prompted Wisconsin advocates of the Affordable Care Act into action this week.

The liberal advocacy group Citizen Action of Wisconsin released a report showing an older person in the Northwoods might pay up to 10 times more for coverage as corresponding tax credits go down under the GOP plan.

Dr. Robert Kraig uses as an example a 64 year old man making $26,000 a year...

"...in addition they take away a lot of subsidies for deductibles and cost sharing that's in the Affordable Care Act. You can expect higher premiums and deductibles in general....

" Kraig says this would not include co-pays and deductibles...

".......these numbers are striking and literally will cause a lot of low-income people in their 60's to go without health insurance or choose between this, housing and food..."

Dr. Cynthia Haq, a professor at the University of Wisconsin School of Medicine and Public Health says she's worked in both rural and urban Wisconsin and the changes will affect both areas...

"....they will not seek care. They will not get preventative services. They will not be able to manage their chronic diseases. As a result, they will show up in the emergency departments in extreme crisis, which is much more expensive to treat, and will drive up costs for everyone...."

House GOP conservatives and moderates were meeting Thursday to try to push their version of the American Health Care Act.

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