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New guidance issued on opioid prescriptions

Air Force Medical Service

The CDC released new guidelines for doctors prescribing opioids.

It's the first update in six years.

The relaxed guidelines focus on the use of prescribed opioids to treat short term and long-term pain, now offering both immediate and extended-release prescriptions.

While it's unclear how the changes will impact those who are dependent on it, experts have advice for anyone who may be struggling.

"I just think first of all there's no shame in admitting you need help, and trying to evaluate that, and being aware of the potential, I really think being honest with ourselves about could this escalate into places I don't want it to go." said Ann Thompson, Clinic Director at Wausau Comprehensive Treatment Center.

The guidelines also advice clinicians against abruptly discontinuing opioid prescriptions, or rapidly reducing a patient's dose.

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