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New help line will address mental health concerns before a crisis develops


A new peer-support line is available noon to midnight every day and will soon expand to 24/7.

By simply dialing 534-202-5438 you will get in connection with what's being called the mental health 'warm' line.

"The goal is to help the person." said Kenya Bright Section Manager at DHS.

Help, it's something we all need from time to time, and while it can be difficult to open up to friends or family a stranger is just a phone call away.

With the goal of allowing people to just talk and get things off their mind.

"So it's really geared towards people who are having mental health or substance use concerns issues increase in symptoms but it's not really a crisis yet but boy they could really um uh get some relief if they were, if they could talk to somebody." said, Bright

On the other end of the line is a certified peer specialists.

Who's job is focusing on pre-crisis prevention through talking it out.

Bright said, "Peer specialists are focused on really walking alongside the person so really help trying to understand who the conversation what that person needs and how they can use their lived experience."

Dialing the hotline means your situation will remain completely confidential.

"We do not use uh non inform based consent and call emergency services without that informed consent from the caller." said Uplift Wi Program Supervisor Jensen Bosio.

However, that doesn't mean the warm line solves every problem.

Health officials say if you're truly in crisis, or even if you're not sure, don't hesitate, call 988 right away.

If you or anyone you know is struggling, make sure to reach out for help.

The world is a better place with you in it.

Click here to have a closer look at the services they offer.

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