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Aspirus reports success with antibody infusions for COVID-19 patients


Aspirus Health says they are receiving promising results from antibody treatments for COVID-19.

“These antibodies are designed to grab onto that spike protein on the outside of the COVID virus, and help prevent it from attaching to our cells”, Said Aspirus Inpatient Pharmacy Manager Michelle Brenner.

She says the treatment has proven effective at preventing severe cases of the disease.

“Currently we’ve infused over 1,500 doses at the Aspirus system and are estimating that we’ve saved over 250 admissions.”

Brenner says that's good news, but your best bet for protection remains vaccination.

“The antibodies are a great option for patients that meet certain criteria, but access is limited. The vaccine is highly effective, and available almost anywhere”

People who have tested positive for COVID-19 must meet certain criteria before getting one of the antibody treatments.

Patients are encouraged to speak with their doctor to find out what's best for them.

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