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Doctor warns not to rely on natural immunity to fight COVID


Doctors at Aspirus Wausau say natural immunity can fade over time if you've already had COVID-19.

They say while natural immunity may work well for some viruses, those who deal with COVID say that's not holding true for this one.

“Natural immunity is great for mono. People don’t die from mononucleosis… the immunity lasts a long time, but it’s not good for influenza. It mutates too fast. For COVID, natural immunity is not an effective or wise strategy.” said Dr. Adam Clements with Aspirus Wausau.

Dr Clements says the numbers have shown that natural immunity in South Africa has not fared well, where some 70 percent of the population has antibodies and vaccine rates are low.

“Not only are they detecting high levels of Omicron there, but it was actually first described there. Natural immunity has completely failed there.”

Clements adds that natural immunity fades quicker than immunity from vaccination, and adds that he has yet to see someone die from a vaccine related issue.

“I have never seen anyone die from a vaccine related complication. I’ve not even really heard of one outside of rare case reports. I see people die of COVID every single day at this hospital.

Earlier this week the state department of health services issued a public health advisory, calling on residents to get vaccinated or get their boosters before holiday gatherings.

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