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Marathon County Board discusses resolution opposing further COVID-19 mandates

Marathon County Supervisors spent about 25 minutes discussing a proposed resolution against further COVID-19 related mandates.

Supervisor Stacey Morache, who drafted the resolution, says her proposal is not politically motivated.

Morache said she just doesn't want people who aren't elected officials making decisions for everyone.

“As county board members, we all took a sworn oath to support the United States constitution, as well as the state of Wisconsin constitution. Both of the documents make it abundantly clear that citizens rights shall not be infringed upon,” said Morache.

Marathon County Corporation Counsel Michael Purner noted that the resolution doesn't come with any tangible action, instead it serves as a message to other entities.

“Because the county doesn’t have the statutory authority granted by the state to act in this area, except by expressing its position on policy to, for instance, as the resolution calls for, the Department of Health Services,” said Purner.

Supervisors also took nearly an hour of public comment from residents before the meeting. No vote was taken on the potential resolution- that's expected during Tuesday's business meeting. No public comment will be allowed during that meeting.

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