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Fire safety cautions after two deadly fires in north central Wisconsin

After several fatal fires across North Central Wisconsin, two of which have happened this week, one in Marshfield and one in Antigo, fire officials are speaking out.

Marshfield fire officials say that fires are becoming more dangerous over the years.

"Fires double in size approximately every 30 seconds within the home nowadays." said Pete Fletty.

Fletty, Interim Fire Chief for the Marshfield Fire Department, said that fires today are nothing like the ones we used to know.

"The smoke contains all kinds of different chemicals, including carbon monoxide, hydrogen cyanide," he said, "a breath or two of that will knock you unconscious"

He said that most homes are filled with furniture and appliances made of synthetic materials and fibers, as well as plastics, all materials that burn differently than cotton.

"it's basically petroleum based products." said Fletty.

He said fires are growing bigger and hotter so fast that a room could reach temperatures so hot that it could spontaneously ignite within a few minutes of the fire starting, known as a flash over.

"Flash overs are not a survivable situation." said Fletty.

Fire officials say that despite the change in fire danger, common safety advice remains the same: stay low, get out, and stay out.

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