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Cold weather can cause problems with frozen pipes


Cold temperatures can lead to frozen pipes, which could lead to a big mess.

Experts said there are ways to prevent pipes from freezing in the first place.

That includes keeping homes at a minimum of 55 degrees, keeping cabinet doors open, or even leaving the faucet on a slight trickle.

But what do you do if your pipes are frozen?

"So what you're gonna want to do is go downstairs and turn off the main, so no more water can come into the home, and then you're going to want to open up some faucets on that run so that water has somewhere to expand do, so the air can come out and frozen water can move along the pipe without the pipe actually bursting," said Jay Cricks with Northstar Restoration Services.

When it comes to defrosting a frozen pipe, warm it slowly with something like a hairdryer, an electric space heater, or a heating pad.

Never use an open flame

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