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Flood possibility leads to closure of some Wausau recreation areas

Potential for flooding a concern in Wausau
Wausau Police Department
Potential for flooding a concern in Wausau

The city of Wausau has closed several recreation areas near downtown and along the Wisconsin River in anticipation of flooding this week due to snow melt in the Northwoods.

Wausau Police Chief Ben Bliven says they're planning ahead in the name of safety

“Our review of flood plain mapping and our expectation of Wisconsin River levels, to evacuate the areas underneath the Scott Street bridge”, said Bliven.

Bliven says things may look harmless for now but that will likely change in a day or two.

“We don’t want people to be at risk if the river gets extremely high and floods the entire area.”

Bliven says in situations like this, one incident could endanger several people.

“Potential medical and or criminal issues where people need first responders, it may be hard to access them depending on where they are.”

(Flood 3 :07 Q:on where they are)

The closure took effect Tuesday afternoon and impacts Barker-Stewart Island park, Isle of Ferns Park, and areas under the Scott Street Bridge.

Bliven says the closures will last until further notice.

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