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Android update triggers increase in accidental 911 calls

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Emergency Dispatchers in Central Wisconsin say a new feature on some cell phones designed to make it easier to call 911 is working too well.

The recent android update automatically places a call to 911 if the phone's side button- sometimes called the power button- is pressed five times in a row.

It was part of a recent software update which dispatchers in Marathon County say led to over 100 accidental dials on Saturday alone.

The feature can be turned off through the phone's safety and emergency menu, and officers say those who use android phones should familiarize themselves with the feature and decide to enable or disable it based on their typical phone usage.

If you do accidentally call 911, do not hang up and instead explain to the dispatcher that the call was an accident.

This isn't the first time officers have had issues with residents unknowingly dialing 911 thanks to a security update.

Apples iPhone crash detection feature placed several calls from skiers on Rib Mountain earlier this winter as well.

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