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Hodag Country Festival chair line draw enthusiastic fans

Hodag Festival chair line
Sabrina Lee
WAOW Television
Hodag Festival chair line

The 46th annual Hodag Country Festival is underway and hundreds of guests arrived to the Northwoods armed with chairs and wagons, ready to claim their spots.

The chair line allows for all guests to set their chairs down in front of the stage to prep for the four day festival in an orderly fashion, without having to worry about someone stealing their spot.

It's a Hodag tradition, and has even become a game of strategy for some.

"Well we did have a strategy our first three years, we had a different person spin the wheel every year and we always were first, and then my husband spins the wheel and we became second so our strategy was not quite the same but we always try to get to this side of the sound system so we have an aisle," said Stephanie Linsmeyer, Hodag veteran of 7 years.

Rain or shine people lined up at the ready with every wave, walking their chairs to the white line.

It's the kickoff to the weekend that has everyone excited, including performers.

"If you want you can put the chairs over by me on the stage, you can huddle around my mic stand," joked Brett Westgrove to a group of guests.

All in all, everyone's just excited and ready to have a good time.

"Hodags probably the best festival we go to and we go to a lot of them, and this is the best, your chairs stay you bring your drinks in," said Linsmeyer.

"It's the people, the community friendly people you walk by anyone and it's happy hodag, its just friendly people," said Connie Weiss and Laurie McKuen.

The fun continues during the actual festival which runs from Thursday through Sunday.

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