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DNR Wants Your Thoughts on Walleye

Eric Engbretson
US Fish and Wildlife Service

The DNR is looking for public input on walleye stocking.  State officials are holding a meeting in Rhinelander next week.   

It’s one of a series of meetings where the DNR is hoping for feedback on its walleye management goals.  Steve Hewett from the DNR’s fisheries program says it’s also a chance to talk with the public about which lakes are stocked and why. 

“You know there’s never enough fish of any type to go around and stock every water. So part of it depends on the ability of particular waters to provide good walleye fisheries. So the question is do we focus on more high-profile waters, or some of the more marginal waters?”

The walleye program is expanding thanks to additional funding from Governor Scott Walker.  Part of the initiative involves stocking larger fingerlings.  Hewett says that costs more money, but the survival rate is much better.

“This is an exciting opportunity for us, because we haven’t had money to raise as many of the larger fingerlings as our biologists have asked in the past. Stocking’s just one part of our management toolbox, but it’s an important one.”

The meeting is next Wednesday September 16th at the Quality Inn in Rhinelander. 

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