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Wolf Hunt Approaches Quota

Brooks Tracy

Wisconsin’s third wolf hunt is probably nearing its end as hunters approach the season’s quota.

As of Wednesday a hundred and forty two wolves have been taken out of the total licensed quota of 150. 

But some opponents are crying foul, saying the hunt is overly aggressive toward the state’s wolf population.

Wisconsin state Director of the Humane Society Melissa Tedrowe says the population can’t sustain the harvest.

“Less than one week into the season, four of the six zones in Wisconsin had already closed, had already met their quota of wolves allowed to be killed. In half of those zones, hunters went over their quota.”

In the northern Zone 2 which was first to close, 29 wolves were taken with a quota of just 15.

DNR Carnivore Specialist Dave MacFarland says managers will take into account the total harvest when deciding to close the two remaining zones. 

Zones 4 and 5 closed before their quotas had been met. 

The DNR’s most recent count last winter put the wolf population at about 660, and the state’s management plan has a population goal of 350. 

The Humane Society is calling for the state DNR to suspend wolf hunting in Wisconsin.

The DNR says the population is still above its target of 350 wolves, though officials are working on a new management plan. 

Voters in Michigan voiced support in two referendums this month for not having a wolf hunt.   

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