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Woodboro Lakes Master Plan Allows For Expansion


Last week the state Natural Resources Board approved the Master Plan for the Woodboro Lakes Wildlife Area.

The area is a forested 3,000-acre property located approximately 10 miles west of Rhinelander.

The DNR purchased the property from a paper company in 1999 as part of the "Great Addition."

A petition from an ATV group triggered a master plan review which concluded with the recent approval by the governing board.

DNR Property Manager Jeremy Holtz says very little is going to change with one exception...

"....there was a recommendation to develop an ATV trail across a segment of the southeast corner of the property. We don't have any details on a timeline for that.. But otherwise, the recreation out there is going to stay as it always has...."

Holtz says the approved plan has a wrinkle enabling the state to expand the boundaries of the wildlife area should an interested seller be willing to sell land adjacent to the area. The main feature is the group of undeveloped, small lakes with scattered areas of old pine and oak forest.

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