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Natural Resources Board Approves Bucks Only Deer Hunt

Wikimedia Commons Garett Gabriel

The Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources' board has signed off on a fall deer hunt structure that scales back the number of counties where hunters can shoot only bucks for a fourth straight year.

The 2017 season structure designates Ashland, Iron and Vilas counties and the eastern half of Eau Claire County as buck-only. The designation protects does so they can give birth and grow area herds.

The DNR's board passed the structure Wednesday on a unanimous voice vote.

The board designed 19 counties as buck-only in 2014, 12 counties in 2015 and 10 counties last year. Fewer buck-only counties each year is a sign the statewide herd is growing.

D-N-R officials say a series of mild winters has helped bolster the herd.

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