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Frisky Deer Mean Crashes, Property Damages, Injuries

Publicdomainpictures.net Jean Beaufort

Fall is another time when whitetails get very active and they also become even more likely to be an obstacle in front of your car.

Randy Romanski is Safety Programs Chief for the state Department of Transportation...

"...Deer get a little more active during October and November as bucks are pursuing potential mates. Motorists are reminded over the next couple of months especially to be alert for the potential of deer darting across the roadways...."

He says while you will often see one deer in the road, always expect more to follow.

He has some advice...

"...Buckle up, slow down and carefully scan the road ahead. Limiting distractions helps you focus on the road ahead of you, or in some cases the deer is off to the side. The keys are slow down, eliminate distractions and make sure you are buckled up..."

Romanski says if a crash with a deer can't be stopped, stay in the lane and brake firmly. Don't swerve or you might have a more serious crash.

The one exception is motorcycles. Officials say hit the brakes and swerve to avoid the deer, if possible. Officials say stay in the lane, if possible.

If you hit a deer, get the vehicle off the road if possible and stay in the car.

Last year, the state reported almost 21,000 crashes involving deer and vehicles. There were 641 injuries and nine fatalities. Six of the fatalities were motorcyclists. Dane county had the most crashes with 962. In Kewaunee, Oconto and Shawano counties, more than half of all reported crashes last year were vehicle-deer mishaps.

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