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Appeals Court Rules Against Water Pumping Near Carlin Lake

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A state appeals court has upheld a ruling that blocks the pumping of water near a Northwoods lake.

A company hoped a higher court would give the green light to pump water in Presque Isle.

Trig Solberg's Carlin Club wants to take 18,000 gallons of water a day out of a well near Carlin Lake, bottle it, and sell it. T

uesday, the Wisconsin State Court of Appeals essentially said the Carlin Club would need to look elsewhere. The court upheld Judge Leon Stenz's 2017 decision in Vilas County Court to block the Carlin Club from building anything that would pump water from the area.

The Court of Appeals rejected four of the Carlin Club's five arguments, calling one "absurd." The court did rule the Carlin Lake Association could not be included as a party to the action on the appeal, but the property owners themselves still could, thus not changing the lower court's ruling.

People living around the lake have fought the plan for years.

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