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Retired DNR Scientist To Discuss Climate Change Impacts Here

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Climate change and how it is affecting Wisconsin will be the focus of a meeting Monday in Minocqua.

Retired DNR scientist Dr. Mike Meyer will present information on the impact that global warming has had on Wisconsin and the expected changes for Wisconsin's wildlife, forests, lakes, and fisheries in a warmer and perhaps wetter future.

David Barnhill is retired Director of Environmental Studies at UW-Oshkosh and Chair of the Northwoods Climate Action Network, which is hosting the event.

He says the common view is climate change is causing more hurricanes and wildfires, but Barnhill says the changes are coming here, too...

"...It's already impacting Wisconsin and it's going to get worse. Dr. Meyer is going to talk about the kind of impacts that are already happening in Wisconsin and what the future portends and what we can try to do about that...."

Barnhill says a warmer environment will affect fish and trees in this area...

"...The prized walleye are cold water fish and they're already in decline and the projection are they will be largely gone from northern Wisconsin by mid-century. With winters being warmer, more insects can winter-over and kill trees. Also there will be more periods of drought, so it's likely we'll have more forest fires up here..."

He says long term, winters will be shorter and loggers will have to deal roads thawing sooner.

The presentation on climate change in Wisconsin will be at the Minocqua Public Library on Monday, May 20, 6:00-7:30 pm. More information is on the Northwoods Climate Action Network Facebook page.

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