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It's Time: Ice Shacks Need To Be Removed For The Season

Wisconsin DNR

Anglers with their winter ice fishing protection are reminded there's a deadline coming up to get ice shacks off Northwoods lakes.

DNR recreational safety warden Mark Little of Spooner says shanties must be removed from waters north of Highway 64 and all other outlying waters by the end of March 15. Earlier March deadlines cover inland and boundary waters.

Little says if the shanties remain they pose a pollution and navigation hazard after ice breakup. There's also a fine involved... "The owners of ice shacks are subject to fines and the fines are pretty hefty, $263.00, so if behooves the owners to make every attempt possible to remove those ice shacks in a timely fashion..."

Little says if there is a problem, talk to the local warden...

"We understand that it may not be possible to get an ice shack off in a timely way. That's when people need to get hold of their local warden. They can do that by calling 800-WDNR-INFO. The warden can work with them and establish a plan to get that ice shack off, hopefully by the deadline..."

Ice shacks need to be waters south Highway 64 y this week.

Little says anglers can continue to use portable ice fishing shelters if they feel the ice is safe - as long as they remove their shelters daily and when they are not actively used. He says consult with local fishing clubs, bait shops and outfitters who know the local ice conditions.

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