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Poisoned Pets: Dogs Collapse in Minutes

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Two years ago, the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources became aware of pets dying alongside forest roads in Forest and Florence counties.

Since then, incidents of dogs eating poison on public trails haven’t gone away.

Last weekend Stephanie Sosniak was taking a walk with a friend and her friend’s three dogs.

It was a Saturday, and they were strolling around Gypsy Lake Road in Lake Tomahawk.

“The next thing you know, these dogs are just collapsing around us,” she said.

The dogs had eaten a serious toxin.

Luckily, Sosniak is a veterinarian.

“Withing ten minutes, what had happened is Inability to use the back legs, then progressing on to tremors and seizures, drooling, respiratory depression, coma,” she said.

She treated the dogs’ symptoms, tried to get the toxin out of their stomachs and used drugs to control their seizures.

Still, one dog didn’t make it.

The other two are still recovering.

Sosniak said she’s relieved the two dogs will be okay, but she’s still worried.

“The biggest concern I have is that most dogs that get in this are not going to survive, unfortunately,” she said. “Just because it doesn’t seem like they need to get much, and the signs are so severe.”

Similar incidents of dogs eating poison on public land have been reported in Forest, Florence and Marinette counties.

The Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources does not believe them to be related to this incident in Lake Tomahawk.

Area 51 Towing and Happy’s Pub are offering a $3,000 reward for information leading to the arrest of the individual responsible for this poisoning.

You can also anonymously contact the DNR tip line with information at 1-800-847-9367.

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