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Vilas County Committee Awards Torch Lake Phase 3 Bid


Expansion of the Vilas County Torch Lake campground and RV park fill move forward after the county forestry, recreation & land committee opened five Phase 3 bids last week and accepted the low bid of $734,658 from Pitlik & Wick pending it meets all proposal requirements in the bid document.

The action will become final since no bids postmarked prior to Jan. 18 were received. All bids were due at 12 noon Monday Jan. 18 but since it was a federal holiday with no mail delivery it was unknown if another bid might be included. A committee meeting was tentatively set for last Thursday if the mail delivered another bid but now won’t be held.

Other bids received were $1,017,814 from LinnCo of Minnesota, $885,091 from Howard Brothers of Woodruff, $897,594 from Musson Brothers of Rhinelander, and $995,069 from Janke Contractors of Athens. Representatives of companies were in attendance for the bid opening. A grant will pay for a majority of the Phase 3 cost with the county portion expected to be less than $50,000.

Phase 3 will add 21 sites to the RV park and include roll through, group, and back in sites. All stumping and grubbing are to be completed by April 15.

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