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League of Women Voters Encourages Focus on Facts as It Gathers Information for Upcoming Elections


Spring elections don’t get a lot of voter turnout.

For example, Oneida County has more than 27,000 people currently registered to vote.

Fewer than 2,300 voted in Tuesday’s election. That’s significantly less than 24,000 people that voted in Oneida County during the November election.

The lower turnout is usually because of the lack of Presidential or US lawmaker candidates, but these elections can play a large role in how local government is run.

Dr. Dorothy Skye with League of Women Voters of the Northwoods says it’s important for people to understand what is on the ballot and how it will impact them.

“All those locals things, a lot you don’t even think about, are determined by local town and county boards and school boards,” said Skye.

League of Women Voters offers an online resource for people learn more about elections.  It covers everything from how to register and cast your ballots to who’s names you’ll see and how a referendum could impact you.

“We think the Northwoods responsibility is especially important because candidates running for local office generally have scare ways and means to get their words across to local voters and likewise, the voters are often at a loss to find information about local candidates and ballot measures so vote 411 is their source,” said Skye.

Over the next couple of weeks, the organization will be collecting candidate information. It will go on the Vote 411 website.

“We email the candidates and invite them to participate they submit answers to three or four questions as well as some biographical information and we print verbatim what they say,” said Skye.

You can check out the website for yourself.

Skye encourages people who are interested in supporting voting effort to join the League of Women Voters of the Northwoods. It’s not just limited to women.

She also encouraged use the absentee voting option that’s available to them. If you choose this route, she recommends requesting a ballot sooner than later.  

“As a physician and caring member of the Northwoods community, I urge folks to vote absentee to stay safe from COVID 19.  Absentee voting is the way to exercise your vote without jeopardizing your health. It's important to request an absentee ballot, soon Don't wait until close to the April 6th Election Day,” said Skye.

The website will be updated on March 15 with information for the April 6th election.

Katie Thoresen is WXPR's News Director/Vice President.
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