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Eagle River Area Dog Park Location Selected, Site Plan Needed


The search for development of a dog park in the Eagle River area appears to have ended with a site visit to the now closed former Town of Lincoln-Eagle River landfill a couple of miles south of the city on Loon Lake Road.

The 20 acre former landfill, closed in the mid 1980’s, is completely fenced and is owned by the Town of Lincoln.  Any plan would have to protect a number of monitoring wells and gas extraction sites.

Discussion also included the possibility of a sledding hill on the site.

Eagle River city administrator Joe Laux has been active in contacting the DNR for information and inspection of any site plan.

“DNR has indicated they would need to review the site plan for a dog park and a sledding hill at a cost of $1,650,” Laux said. “There is an area outside the main fence where we could fence in a smaller area for small dogs.”.

Assistant administrator Robin Ginner said the city is “going to step away from this on advice of the Mayor and city attorney” but gave no reason or that decision adding “there is no objection for using the facility.”

Mayor Jeff Hyslop, when contacted, indicated the city supports having a dog park and has allowed staff to assist is planning but feels their direct involvement will end.

“We have come to a point where a proper site outside the city appears suitable and we were pleased to be able to facilitate events, but there are some critical issues the city faces that we need to concentrate on,” Mayor Hyslop said. “We will continue to allow staff to assist where possible as long as it does not detract from their required duties.”

The Mayor officially disbanded the advisory working group seeking a dog park now that a site selected    is outside the city,

Laux indicated the next step would be to gather information from DNR and prepare a site plan.

Creation of a non-profit group to develop and maintain a dog park was suggested. Contact Laux at 715-479-8682 for input.

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