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Food Pantry in Marathon County Discusses Impact of Increased SNAP Benefits

WAOW Television

  Starting in October, families in need could soon get a boost in food stamp assistance.

The Biden administration has approved an increase of about $36 per person, per month.

The increase in assistance will be permanently available to all 42 million SNAP beneficiaries, including the nearly 14,000 Marathon County residents who were recipients of SNAP in the month of June.

"Actually what we've noticed, it's about the same amount of people coming in," said Ann Chrudinsky, development director at the Wausau Salvation Army.

She said during the pandemic, there was actually a decrease in the number of people coming into the food pantry, probably due to fears of leaving the house.

"But now we're seeing a lot more people coming in and we're pretty busy, which is typical," she said.

Chrudinsky said she believes the increase in food stamp benefits could help give people more flexibility when buying groceries. While the Salvation Army gets assistance in the form of donations from the community, they don't always have everything a grocery store would have.

"I think it'll give the people of Marathon County a lot more latitude in what they are able to purchase, and they could come in here and fill in with the other things they need," she said.

For recipients, this means more options when it comes to feeding their families.

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