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Six-County Lakes meeting to focus on rules and regulations and how they’re enforced


The Northwoods has seen a lot more summer visitors in recent years. It has also meant increased traffic on the lakes and rivers.

Tom Ewing’s inbox often fills with questions or concerns people have out on the water. He’s President of the Vilas County Lakes and Rivers Association.

“There are concerns about how crowded lakes with a lot of new vacationers may affect our lakes. There’s the counterpoint that it brings in a lot of money to Vilas County. It’s great for the economy,” said Ewing.

Those helped inspire the panel discussion at this year’s Six-County Lakes Meeting being held at Nicolet College this Friday.

Law enforcement and planning and zoning officials from around the region will address issues like boating and safety, shoreland zoning, short-term rental properties, and fish and game rules.

“All these things that we’re seeing with a flood of new people coming into the area, things that can have an impact on the health and enjoyment of the Northwoods and have a good discussion with law enforcement,” said Ewing.

There will also be presentations on state government policy related to water, invasive species, and the impact of lead poisoning on loons.

Ted Rulseh thinks the best thing about the meeting is talking with the other people that attend.

Rulseh’s the president of the Oneida County Lakes and Rivers Association which puts on the annual meeting with their counterparts in Vilas County.

“One of the great things about the meeting is the opportunity to network. You find out that other people who live on lakes have similar issues to what yours are. You can pick up some clues as to how to maybe address them and then just get a little be re-energized about protecting the lakes as part of a larger community in these six counties,” said Rulseh.

The counties involved are Oneida, Vilas, Forest, Langlade, Lincoln, and Iron.

The Six-County Lakes Meeting is from 8:30 to Noon on the 14th at Nicolet College.

The event is free. There’s no registration. It's open to anyone who is interesting in learning more about lakes in the Northwoods.

You can learn more about it on the OCLRA or VCLRAwebsites.

Katie Thoresen is WXPR's News Director/Vice President.
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