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Governor visits Wausau to promote proposed election maps

map comparrison.png
The left is a map made by Republican lawmakers, the right was created by Ever's commission.

Governor Tony Evers visited Wausau Wednesday to make another pitch for his People's Maps proposal.

Evers says fair election maps could lead to a better climate in the capitol.

“Gerrymandered maps that republicans passed a decade ago have enabled members of the legislature to ignore the people that elected them. There is no incentive to compromise”

Evers says outside groups have given both the current maps and republican-proposed maps a failing grade, and he agrees.

“If I was grading that homework, obviously it wouldn’t be an incomplete… it would be an F”

Evers says the maps he's backing were drawn by average citizens who don't have a political agenda.

“They chose to participate in this process because they believe, just as tens of thousands of people across Wisconsin believe, that people should get to choose their elected officials and not the other way around.”

Evers added that fair maps don't mean maps that favor democrats or republicans, and once again made it clear that he will veto the versions that are currently working their way through the Capitol, meaning the final say could lie with the courts.

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