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Governor hosts listening session in Wausau focused on the state budget

Governor Tony Evers
WAOW Television
Governor Tony Evers

Many voters had a rare chance on Thursday night in Wausau to directly talk to their governor.

Governor Tony Evers hosted a listening session, covering a variety of topics like education and the cost of childcare.

It's an issue that many said impacts them, including teachers.

"I have my own staff that are ready to have babies and are exploring and they can't find any childcare so it was interesting to hear their perspective." said Laura Simonson, Principal at Maine Elementary School.

Some said the cost of child care may be making the teacher shortage worse.

"Well we talk about teacher shortages and we had a parent that was staying home with her four children initially because of childcare costs, and here she is four children later, and she's an educator, and she is unable to get a teaching job" said Simonson.

While some focused on young families, others expressed their concerns about the care of Wisconsin's aging population.

"We have critical issues that are important to all Wisconsin seniors, things like expanding broadband, things like helping family caregivers, setting up a basic workplace retirement, Medicaid expansion." said Jim Flahtery, Communications Director with AARP.

He said he wants all people to receive the funds and attention they deserve.

"Our main goal is to make sure seniors don't fall through the cracks as Governor Evers is making his budget, so we're really pounding the pavement making sure everybody has a chance to grow old with dignity in Wisconsin." said Flahtery.

Other topics discussed included funding for mental health, athletes with disabilities, and clean drinking water.

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