Torpy Park To Get A New Pavilion

Feb 13, 2019

Credit Wikimedia Commons Royalbroil

MINOCQUA – About 50 people braved last night’s storm for a special town meeting in Minocqua. They voted overwhelmingly to allow the Minocqua Lions Club to build a new pavilion in Torpy Park.

Back in 2014 town electors shot down a similar proposal by the Lions, mainly because some stately white pines would have to be cut down. But a windstorm in 2017 destroyed those trees. Town officials recently asked the Lions if they still wanted to pursue the pavilion idea.

Lions Club member Dean Olson said they were still on board with it: “As a club we talked about and it and we decided that we still believed in the project and that we wanted to see it go forward. So we came up with some proposals for them.”

The new pavilion will be located between the current pavilion and the Minocqua Brewing Company. The design and materials will reflect the look of the current pavilion. “We are trying to duplicate what we already have in the park. And make it useful for the town, and for civic clubs, and for the general public’s use for events such as weddings, could be family reunions, could be a graduation party or anything like that. “

The Lions Club is looking to donate the materials and the labor to put the structure up, basically completely. We might also solicit donations, which we already have some offers come in.”

While not suitable for large gatherings – there are no restrooms, nor a kitchen – the pavilion could be used for family and school reunions, graduation parties and the like.

The pavilion will be built at no cost to the town. The Lions simply ask that they be granted the pavilion’s use during Beef-A-Rama.