Identity theft


October is National Cyber Security Awareness Month.

The state Division of  Consumer Protection is first giving a week's worth of advice to people concerned about protecting their cyber security. Next we hear from Michelle Reinen from the Dept. of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection(DATCP) with a week's worth of tips to keep you from having your life turned upside down with identity theft...

Another way to find the link to these tips is Google Wisconsin Division of Consumer Protection.

The state Secretary of the Department of Revenue says they have worked hard to prevent identity thieves from stealing your tax return.

In an interview with WXPR, Richard Chandler says a few years ago identity thieves were having their way across the country lifting information then pretending to be the person filing the tax return.

He says that has changed....

Consumer Fraud In Wisconsin: Is Your Identity At Risk?

Sep 19, 2017
Fox photo/Getty Images

Wisconsin News Connection is here.

MADISON, Wis. -- Every year, millions of Americans and tens of thousands of Wisconsinites are victims of consumer fraud.

New College Students at Risk for Identity Theft

Aug 9, 2016

As summer comes to end, first-time college students are preparing by purchasing tvs, computers, and new bedding for their dorm rooms. For most, the idea of identity theft is far from their minds.

Administrator of the Division of Trade and Consumer Protection for the state, Frank Frassetto says college students are at risk for ID theft and generally aren’t prepared to have to protect themselves.

It's time to file taxes, and a state Department of Revenue spokesperson says filers need to be wary of someone trying to steal their money electronically.

Spokesperson Stephanie Marquis says about 85 percent of all state tax filings are online. She says the Department of Revenue's system has never been compromised...

There has been much news recently of identity thefts and other forms of cyber security breaches in the U.S.     October is Cyber Security Awareness Month.

Tod Pritchard from Wisconsin Emergency Management says the scope of the online breaches in alarming. He says simple things like not opening up unfamilar emails, or being wary even if it has a name of someone you know....