pioneer park historical complex

Katie Thoresen/WXPR

There’s no shortage work equipment at Pioneer Park Historical Complex in Rhinelander.

Train cars and engines sit on railroad tracks underneath large pine trees. Saws, axes, and all sorts of lumberjack equipment dating back to the late 1800s reside inside the museum.

But on Friday, some more modern equipment rolled into the park.

Two large yellow cranes were set up right next to one of Pioneer Park’s most prized possessions.

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The Director at Pioneer Park Historical Complex in Rhinelander says major projects are underway and they need the public to step forward and help out.

Kerry Bloedorn says they're hoping to shore up a coal-burning steam engine that is slowly descending into the ground and to get a cover to preserve the unique engine. He says volunteers have been slowly doing restoration work, but to preserve it long term keep it in place, they need some funds

A Rhinelander native and spouse will match the first $25,000 to help the city's Pioneer Park Historical Complex. Janet Jamison is with the Rhinelander Community Foundation and also the advisory board for the Pioneer Park complex....

"We're excited to announce that there is now a Pioneer Park Historical Complex Fund that has been established at the Rhinelander Community Foundation. That's a place where people who are interested in Rhinelander's history and helping to preserve it could make a tax-deductible contribution to that fund...."

Ben Meyer/WXPR

On a hot, sunny day last week, Jim Montgomery pulled a 1958 Evinrude Lark outboard motor outside his repair shop for a tune-up.

Montgomery pointed to the “fancy chrome on the hood,” a sign that, although the motor is now vintage, it was considered deluxe at the time.

Montgomery owns Duke’s Outboard Service just outside Rhinelander. Long ago, he lost count of the number of Evinrude motors he’s fixed.

“I have no idea. Just a lot. Thousands,” he said.