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Waving goodbye to summer visitors in Hazelhurst

Waving goodbye to summer visitors
Wyatt Williams
WAOW Television
Waving goodbye to summer visitors in Hazelhurst

Summer is ending here in the Northwoods which means thousands of travelers are headed back home. Outside, Whitman's Pub & Grill is having a wave party for those heading out.

An extremely unique event with music, food, drinks, and of course waving all involved.

It's something that has brought locals together for a long time.

"It's a tradition, for the local people and the people that are tourists that do stay up for an extra week they're here too," says Wave Party Attendee Tom Schlueter. "So, it's a little of everything."

Suzanne Slominski who actually owns a local bar as well, leaves her place to come celebrate with the rest.

She expressed her thanks for the incredible visitors.

Slominski says, "This has been a really rough summer, everybody's been short-handed at their establishment and you know what, though, we've appreciated every tourist that's been up here. They've made our whole northern Wisconsin excel. We've had great people up here and they've been really patient with all of us and we appreciate that so much and this is our way of saying thank you everybody."

Among the waving and honks, we were informed of the one-of-a-kind corn.

Many come for just that, and some try to break their previous years record for corn on the cobs ate.

"I love the corn here I eat it every year," Wave Party attendee Kelsey Simpson. "Last year I ate four so I'm planning for five this year. But yeah it's really good."

A community of people from as south as the Florida Keys to as north as we are in Wisconsin, coming together to celebrate one last time before summer concludes. Many even come back year after year.

"We're just having a blast, we're waving everybody that are coming by and we do it every year for the last probably 10 years for me," said, Wave Party attendee Ron Bontell.

If you missed the event this year, you want to go ahead and mark those 2024 calendars to be a part of it next year.

It's not goodbye as everyone waves to passing tourists, it’s a see you next summer.

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