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WIPPS to Launch Community Survey on Racism and Inclusion


The Wisconsin Institute for Public Policy and Service is launching a community survey on Tuesday to gauge feelings about racism and inclusion in Marathon and Lincoln Counties.

Director Eric Giordano says the idea was born out of the charged discussions and negative publicity generated by last summer’s "community for all" debate.

“How do we, as residents of Lincoln and Marathon counties, feel about some of these issues that have been a little divisive and have become kind of political over the last couple of years?” he asks. Giordano doesn’t expect that the survey will solve all the problems dividing the community but hopes it will bring civil discussion on the issues.

“What do we need to talk about and what are some things we can let go of and move on from because I think the truth is we all want to move forward around some of these issues,” he says. “We don’t want to be dwelling on the negativity, whatever side of the issue you happen to be on.”

The survey goes live online Tuesday morning. Ten thousand randomly selected homes will also receive paper copies.

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