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Plans to deep fry a turkey can go up in flames

Turkey fryer ignites
Fort Riley Fire and Emergency Services
Turkey fryer ignites

For those planning to fry their turkey for Thanksgiving, fire departments in the area ask you to be careful.

The biggest problem causing fires with deep fryers is ensuring the turkey is completely thawed. With the water and ice mix, that can cause a reaction.

It's also advised to use an oil with a high smoke point, authorities suggest using peanut oil.

For those wondering how much oil to use, it's suggested to test the turkey out in water first to see how high the liquid rises when dropping in the turkey.

The turkey chef should be on watch of the turkey in case anything happens and to make sure the fryer has plenty of space away from structures.

"At least 10 feet minimum away from any structure, whether that be a garage or a house, put it on a level surface, and then take the time to invest in a good thermometer that's rated for cooking in oil," said Terence Sinner of the Stevens Point Fire Department.

Cooks will also want to make sure that oil doesn't go above 350 degrees, and to know where a fire extinguisher is accessible. If there's anything that happens that the party can't handle, call 911.

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