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Raptor Education Group recovering from damage caused by storms

Storm damage at REGI
Raptor Education Group
Storm damage at REGI

A storm last week did a fair amount of damage to the Raptor Education Group in Antigo.

The bird rehabilitation center saw a lot trees and tree limbs come down, and was left for a time without power, water or phones.

The community response was tremendous.

In a Facebook post, the Raptor Education Group said people helped with things like physical labor, running chainsawsr, fixing fences and smashed screen cages, picking up limbs and raking debris from the lawns and property.

REGI staff and interns arrived to work early and stayed late after the storm to assure their patients were well cared for.

The center does again have electricity and is taking patients.

They were surprised by the number of baby birds this late in summer, still in nests.

They lost their homes with trees and branches falling during the wind and rain and are unable to help themselves.

Baby birds and those that are injured, cannot keep themselves warm and need a heat source such as a rice bag or heated water bottle covered in a towel near them.

The Raptor Education Group asks that you not give them food or water before bringing them in.

John Burton is the WXPR Morning Edition Host.
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